Founded by 2 individuals who planned to use their expertise in the online space, combined with their experience working in organizations that truly embrace the work/life balance culture to drive their passion. From there, the mission was to bring this foundation back home to Phoenix, Arizona where they can grow SmashTank into a thriving employee centric business culture while also sharing in there experience with other organizations and individuals in the community.

What we do

SmashTank Apps focuses on app development, software consulting, and project support. Giving back is also important at SmashTank; We often gives talks, mentors new programmers, and develop open source gems and plug-ins for the open source Ruby community.

As a team we are committed to Flexibility, Transparency and Collaboration with each other, our customers and the community. We embrace change, we challenge ourselves and each other and we love what we do. We are Mom's, Dad's, mountain bike riders, geeks, Aussie's and we even bake!

We are SmashTank Apps and we write bloody good software.

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Lauren HarrisonChief Agilist

Combine a love of all things techy and a soft spot for Mickey Mouse, and you’ve just described Lauren Harrison. As Agile Coach and Consultant for SmashTank Apps, Lauren is a self-described spirited geek girl who is as passionate about her Mac as she is about leading an engaged workforce.

She worked as an Agile Coach at both the REA Group and at Telstra, Australia’s leading telecommunications and information services companies. Telstra is also home to one of the largest Agile Transformations in Australia; here Lauren led a team of 30 highly regarded Agile Coaches and support staff to drive and support the Lean, Agile, and Systems Thinking adoption within Telstra.

Lauren’s extensive experience in Scrum, Kanban, XP, Lean and Systems Thinking Principles has not only helped provide the growth opportunities for SmashTank Apps, but is also setting up the company to be a leading boutique software development company in the Scottsdale area.

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Eric HarrisonManaging Geek

From his days working alongside his father Hal building new computers, Eric Harrison always knew that a career in information technology was both in his DNA and destiny. It wasn’t until a journey to Australia that the entrepreneurial bug hit this Arizona native hard. Upon his return to the states decided to blend his talents and start SmashTank Apps in 2011.

Experienced Principal Engineer, Software Craftsman and Senior Ruby Developer. Eric's primary language of choice is Ruby because it allows him to develop high quality applications in time frames that are conducive of our rapidly emerging market. Eric is committed to eXtreme Programing practices and mentoring developers looking to learn and hone their craft. Eric has a passion for working in Start-up Organizations and improving Distributed Development team practices.

As Managing Geek of SmashTank Apps, this talented Ruby developer and software architect brings a strong commitment to a work/life balance mentality molded by his experience working down under.

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Kevin KreigPerpetual Imaginator

If you want something creative then Kevin is your person. From print, to web, to video, if you look at it he loves it. Recently taken up refuge in CA, Kevin has found a wealth of imagery to photograph and use as inspiration for new designs.

Kevin has worked professionally in the creative industry for over 20 years. During that time, he has worked on projects for high profile clients in need of creative solutions for their brand and marketing campaigns. Kevin has completed work on local, regional and national marketing levels.

Kevin enjoys moving and thinking across widely different creative platforms quickly and easily, building links between interactive advertising and design. Kevin’s global outlook and experience effectively deliver brand experiences and measurable results for SmashTank clients.